Welcome, I am Steven Durant-Burgin, an artist based in Blackpool, Lancashire.

Charles in Leather by Blackpool Artist

Charles in leather painted with acrylic on canvas

I am currently working from home, but looking to open a physical art studio here in Blackpool in the not so distant future, to give myself a permanent studio and gallery space. As well as opening it up for other local artist to share the space, as there are not a great deal of places to showcase art in Blackpool. blackpool artist

I use various mediums, but my preference is Acrylic paint and digital media. I am currently experimenting in different mediums and subjects to discover what ones I feel the best connection in using that matches my style of creation.

I tend to create landscapes and figure portraits, I especially love Autumnal Landscapes for the wide variety of the golden shades of brown to greens on the trees that have a special beauty that only Autumn can bring.

The Artwork sections show highlights of the artwork that I have complete recently along with my studies that I have completed over the years and ideas for future pieces.

I write a blog helping the beginning artist to start drawing at Drawing for the Non-artist

You can contact me about commissioning me to create a piece of art for yourself or a present for a friend or loved one, I normally create art in A4 and A3 sizes, but can create in other sizes to your personal requirements. So if you are looking for a Blackpool Artist then contact me via my contact page.